Most Internet videos never needed to be videos in the first place. Audio would have worked fine, if not text. Bandwidth hogs are running wild, uploading 40-megabyte stacks of tomfoolery that wouldn’t pass muster on community-access television.

But it might not be that way if the New York Times Magazine were in charge. It enlisted chef Dave Arnold of the French Culinary Institute to build an “edible martini” by vacuum-infusing a rectangular slice of cucumber with a mixture of gin (and a reasonable, not stingy, pour of vermouth). Between the bubbling, the color change from opaque to transparent, and the gut appeal of looking at a geometric, crunchy martini that you can eat, this is one video that goes the distance.

Zinfully Delicious provides some interesting backstory for the chef, who originally trained as a sculptor: “He worked with metals and machinery as an art student and once battled a fire-breathing dragon. (It was a modified air blower that spit flaming kerosene; he wore a welding jacket and carried a lance.)”

All in all, not a bad guy to have around.

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