One of Peter Cherches‘s favorite Indian comfort foods is sarson ka saag, a Punjabi dish of spiced mustard greens, usually served with makki ki roti, a griddled cornbread. Raja in Jackson Heights makes the best version he’s had. “The bread was perfect,” he reports, “and the puréed mustard greens were more flavorful and spicy than others I’ve had, served with a bit of ghee on top.” Minar in Manhattan offers decent sarson ka saag as a Tuesday special, Peter adds, but Raja’s is better.

ebird, another Raja fan, loves those breads (always made to order) and home-style steam-table dishes. “When they have cabbage,” she advises, “get it.”

Raja [Jackson Heights]
72-31 37th Avenue (between 72nd and 73rd streets), Jackson Heights, Queens

Minar [Midtown]
138 W. 46th Street (between Sixth and Seventh avenues), Manhattan

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