After the savory success of last season, it is no surprise that Bravo moved their second season premiere date from March to October as well as upping their mince-meatable cheftestant count from twelve to fifteen. Just who will the cheftestants be? Reality Blurred reports. Those who were as glued to their sets as I was during last season’s show will recall how loud and repetitive the cheftestants were in their proclamations that they weren’t pastry chefs. However, this year’s crop will feature pastry chef Marisa Churchill fresh from the oven of San Francisco’s Ame Restaurant, which should crisp a few pie crusts out there.

Like last season’s crop of pressured cookers, the chefs hail primarily from New York, California and Las Vegas, which is kind of annoying, actually. I mean, aside from the huge fact that Jean-Georges Vongerichten is opening a new restaurant in Minneapolis in September, the Twin Cities was recently touted by Food & Wine magazine as being “the most exciting architectural hub in America, with brand-new buildings by the likes of Jean Nouvel and Cesar Pelli—and world-class restaurants to go with them.” Of course, that’s just Minnesota-raised me getting my personal dander up, but hello? What about Seattle, Portland, Santa Fe, or Boston, fer crissakes?

Top Chef premieres Wednesday, October 18 at 11 pm on Bravo. On October 25, the show will move to its regular Wednesdays at 10pm timeslot.

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