Alain Ducasse in Paris is known for the little ottomans staff bring out to hold guests’ purses. Sadly, at Ducasse, my purse kept sliding off its perch. Other restaurants use the Dangle. But normally, women keep their bags in their laps, or worse yet, on the floor. Forget about the back of a chair: That’s prime purse-snatcher bait. But I’ve discovered the PurseGuard Ultra. Released this year, it’s a bag hook with bells and whistles—literally. There’s a pressure-sensitive button on the bottom, where it rests on the table, so if your bag is lifted from the hook, an alarm goes off and lights flash. It’s also possible to switch off the alarm so you can just use the hook. And it’s a great conversation-starter—guys love it.

PurseGuard Ultra, $22

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