I wasn’t the only design whore who had March 14 circled on her calendar for months: on that date, items from the collaboration between Target and British design powerhouse Liberty of London became available in stores. Liberty of London is best known for its brilliantly colored floral patterns, which it imprints on housewares, clothing, and high-quality fabric. It’s also known for its major prices. It would be very hard to justify a $100 teapot or a $176-per-plate dinnerware on a writer/editor’s salary.

Not so for the Liberty’s Target line, where the Liberty of London Dunclare Black Dinner Plate Set just oozes style, yet at a mere $24 for a set of eight melamine pieces, it’s a very affordable indulgence. Hey, it kind of looks like this plate we highlighted. How much is that plate? It’s $34 a pop. I know, it’s ceramic, not melamine. But still. I’m going to Target.

Liberty of London Dunclare Black Dinner Plate Set, $24

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