Bushido, a new izakaya serving ramen in Mountain View, has a little something extra up its sleeve: house-smoked meats. This gives a distinctive flavor to the shoyu ramen, the best of the noodle offerings, with a lightly smoky broth and shaved smoked pork, says eatzalot. But make sure to ask for the noodles “hard,” as they have a tendency to arrive overcooked and mushy otherwise.

Get an order of smoked chicken wings, says Melanie Wong. Expertly done, they have a pungent aroma but a refined, smoky flavor and juicy, succulent flesh. “I only had one wing and that piece might have been the best smoked chicken I’ve had in the last year (and I’ve tasted at least 30 examples in this interval).”

The delicious kimchee gyoza is another must, says eatzalot, and don’t skip dessert—Bushido has a dedicated dessert chef whose offerings, like a light and refreshing lemon curd parfait, are “neither the pro-forma local Japanese-restaurant mochi balls and green-tea ice cream, nor the common gringo-restaurant Dense Chocolate This and Heavy-Cake That.”

Bushido [Peninsula]
156 Castro Street, Mountain View

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