There are lots of delicious ways to have bananas for dessert in addition to classics like Banana Pudding and Banana Bread.

kermit melts butter and sugar in a skillet and sautés sliced bananas until they soften, then tops them with ice cream or whipped cream. Emme lays sliced bananas on a baking sheet, tops with a streusel mixture (flour, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla), bakes at 350°F until golden and soft, and serves with ice cream.

rainey says this banana ice cream is “really very easy and very good.” She folds in coarsely chopped nuts and drizzles on fudge and caramel syrups as she packs it into a freezer container for a decadent treat. collegekitchen freezes overripe bananas, then throws them frozen into a food processor with honey to make a quick “ice cream.”

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What to do with bananas?

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