Canada Makes Magic Pigs: Canada has green-lighted the “limited production” of a genetically modified pig, dubbed the “Enviropig,” which excretes less polluting poop. Up next: Golden-egg laying geese? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? via Discover

Chicago Schools On the Food Revolution Bandwagon: Starting in June, Chicago Public schools will be serving healthier lunches with more whole grains, dark green and orange veggies, and leaving “‘dessert or candy-type’ ingredients off the breakfast menu.” via Chicago Sun Times

Grant Achatz Vows to “Push It”: In a bordering-on-egomaniacal video clip (see below) from the Alinea blog, ultra-famous chef Grant Achatz gets mad that The Publican had the same dish he did, and vows to “push it” by making his menu more edgy. via Grub Street Chicago

Inside Yelp’s Mystical Filter: In an effort to be more transparent and make people hate on them less, Yelp dropped its “Favorite Review” feature, and let people see what reviews had been axed by their filtering software. It didn’t do much in the way of making Yelp any more transparent, though, because you don’t know why reviews were filtered out. via SFoodie

Does Your iPad Cook?: The Apple iPad went on sale, and the first round of food apps for it went to bat. So far, the winner looks like Big Oven, which has 170,000 recipes, grocery list functionality, and a pretty good interface. via TechFlash

A Good Read: Alice Waters inspires more sneers than any other chef. In its profile on her, the LA Times addresses the hater-factor, with a good lead where she gets all uppity about some kumquat leaves.

Thread of the Week: Chowhounds discuss Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution in a monster thread of 233-and-climbing comments, including sage advice from someone’s grandpa: “We would be inside with the original Nintendo or Sega or something..and he would say: ‘Jeebus, it’s a beautiful day out….go out and do something, ANYTHING, even if it is wrong, just do something……'”

Deaths, Firings, Recalls, and Other Endings:

  • The inventor of boxed wine, Thomas Angove, died at age 92.
  • Debuts, Openings, and Other Beginnings:

  • The new David Chang restaurant, Má Pêche, opened in midtown New York. Martha Stewart really liked it.
  • KFC debuted the Double Down: melted cheese, mayo, and bacon sandwiched between two pieces of fried chicken instead of bread.
  • Top Chef Masters Season 2 debuted.
  • Food & Wine revealed its annual “Best New Chefs,” along with a complimentary app.
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