First it was the healthy way to drink H2O—VitaminWater. Now the mad scientists of the beverage world are working to make our coffee addiction take the place of our One-A-Day.

Spava brand fortified coffee, from the Voyava Republic Corp. is made with coffee beans that have been “infused” with natural health supplements like rosehips, ginko, chrondroitin, B vitamins, and green tea (which, by the way, we’ve heard you can also drink). The company says each of its five formulations target a different health concern, like “Metabolism” or “Calm.”

While some are skeptical about beverage health claims, Voyava Republic has a daring marketing/public-health plan: It’s working with the Mexican government to hand out a blend of its coffee that has been fortified to prevent anemia…in elementary schools. To those of us who gather our skirts and tsk about the ramifications of kids drinking coffee (it will make them even more squirrely and inattentive than they already are!), Voyava Republic chief executive Michael Sweeney says that, for kids “consumption of too much coffee is something that we frown upon … but in many countries, it’s a daily consumed beverage.”

What’s next? healthy soda pop?

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