Best Szechwan, formerly known as Jia Wei, is no more, reports Jerome.

After selling Best Szechwan earlier this year, the original owners opened Golden River in Artesia. Unfortunately, the food hasn’t survived the transition, says ScottE. The new restaurant is bigger and better decorated, but over several visits he found that dishes that had been 9 to 10 points on a 10-point scale had declined to 4 or 5. Twice-cooked pork, which at Best Szechwan was the best version he’d had out of hundreds, was the worst at Golden River. For what it’s worth, though, the restaurant recently had an ad for its $7.99 crab special.

Demand for Szechuan food in LA seems to have declined, comments ipsedixit (who considers Hong Yei a pretender and Chung King just not very good). ipsedixit speculates that the new “It” Chinese region might just be Hunan.

Speaking of Hunanese, brwencino confirms that Hunan Seafood is owned by the proprietors of the late Hunan Restaurant, which burned down, and formerly of Crown Café. It’s been open just a few weeks, and the food is as excellent as ever.

Golden River Restaurant [San Gabriel Valley]
11700 South Street, Artesia

Hunan Seafood Restaurant [San Gabriel Valley]
8772 E. Valley Boulevard, Rosemead

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