When he walked the Earth, Jesus had a thing for unleavened bread. In the hereafter, however, it appears that he prefers pancakes. How else to explain his propensity for appearing on the delicious breakfast food? The latest flapjack-Jesus sighting occurred in Port St. Lucie, Florida, where a woman named Marilyn Smith noticed two figures on her griddle cake. Naturally, her daughter listed the miracle on eBay, where the description asserts “that these are obviously two religious figures dressed in the early desert garb that would have been worn at that time in Jeruselem [sic],” although there is some discussion as to whether they are Jesus and Mary or in fact Moses and Elijah.

The pancake initially sold for $338, but the buyer backed out, and when relisted, it went for $29—nowhere near the $14,999 bid for a holy pancake in 2006 that turned out to be the none-too-subtle product of the Jesus Pan.

Looks like the market for divine pancakes has flipped.

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