Wasa Sushi has opened a new location in south OC, and it pleased both “bring it all on, don’t forget the natto” woojink and his far less adventurous wife.

Wasa is fairly avant-garde/fusion, so it works for people who need some cooked food. The traditional nigiri is very good, and so are mirugai, hamachi, uni, and toro.

The Wasa “treasures” are fantastic, as usual.

Wasa Sushi [Orange County]
23702 El Toro Road #S-6A, Lake Forest

Wasa Sushi [Orange County]
13124 Jamboree Road, Irvine

Wasa Sushi [Orange County]
1346 Bison Avenue, Newport Beach

Board Link: Sushi in South OC–Wasa’s “new” location…

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