Behold the power of celebrity. The tart, stalky garden-dweller known as rhubarb is unglamorous, old-fashioned, plentiful, and undersung. But when English cook and TV presenter Delia Smith appeared in an ad extolling her rhubarb and ginger brulée, all havoc broke out. Quoth the Telegraph:

“That caused a particularly marked example of the ‘Delia effect’, with Waitrose selling enough of the plant for 61,000 desserts in four days alone, or the same quantity as it usually sells in 12 weeks.”

In addition to the brulée (which does look pretty dang good), here are a few other rhubarbaric treats to ponder as the red stuff starts to make its annual spring debut:

Rhubarb-infused vodka seems like a natural for all manner of light and possibly fizzy springtime patio drinks. Roasted Rhubarb Compote would dress up ice cream, pancakes, or various cuts of pork with equal success. And Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie…well, man, just eat that stuff. It’s fantastic.

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