A corner deli across from Central Park changed hands not long ago. Now, alongside the familiar sandwiches and salads at Park West Café and Deli, there’s delicious baklava and other Turkish food. That baklava, made with pistachio, is a standout, says hcd: fresh, complex in flavor, not cloyingly sweet like many other versions.

But there’s more than dessert here. The new proprietor, a courtly Turkish fellow proud of his wares, might steer you toward savory cheese boreks, mucver (zucchini pancakes), or stuffed eggplant, peppers, or grape leaves, among other things—all made in-house, and all nice takeout options for Upper West Siders.

Park West Café and Deli [Upper West Side]
477 Central Park West (at W. 108th Street), Manhattan

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