Project Greenaid looks like it’s going to bring new competition to the vending machine market cornered by bouncy balls, cheap plastic jewelry, and sparkly Pokémon stickers with these nifty vintage-looking candy machines that dispense “seed bombs,” a mixture of clay, compost, and seeds. The seed bombs can then be “thrown anonymously into derelict urban sites to temporarily reclaim and transform them into places worth looking at and caring for.” Sounds at least as fun as getting a sticky hand.

Update 4/5/10: We received word from Daniel Phillips, co-founder of Commonstudio, the company behind Project Greenaid. He tells us that there is currently an active machine in Los Angeles at the 6th Floor Gallery in Chinatown, and there are ten more in the works that should be up and running around greater Los Angeles by May. Expect to pay about $0.50 for three or four seed bombs and an envelope with instructions that include a map of “strategic sites” to toss ’em. If you are dying to get your very own machine, they are about $400, and Commonstudio will work with you to develop a custom seed mix for your bombs that is optimized for the native environment where the machine will live.

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