The rest of the country may be struggling with cupcake issues (aren’t we over those übercute things yet?), but up in Seattle the doughnut holds its own. Perhaps it’s all that coffee. You gotta have something good to dunk in your cup; a cupcake just doesn’t cut it.

Baked-goods blog Cakespy has a complete guide to Seattle doughnut houses—and a justification for seeking them out:

Picture this: a drizzly, foggy, and grey day in Seattle. Oh, wait: it’s November! We have at least five more months of this to look forward to. … We know what will cheer you up: sweet, hot, cakey doughnuts.

Seattleites aren’t the only folks who love their doughnuts. Jay Leno was seen delivering doughnuts to striking writers in Los Angeles. When asked about it, he called the doughnuts “writer food” and said, “When you look at the bodies of these men and women, they don’t get that way eating tofu. This is what writers live on: doughnuts.”

Can we get over the cupcake thing and get on with the doughnuts? Writers, comedians, and Seattleites can’t be wrong.

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