As the days grow colder, darker, and shorter, the idea of a hot bowl of soup is becoming more appealing. So too is the idea of a Soup Swap, a fun event designed to keep your soup bowl filled in style.

The concept is simple: Make six quarts of soup and package them in six containers of equal size. Invite all your friends—along with their six quarts of soup—over to swap with you. Go home with enough varieties of soup to see you through the worst of a long winter. On a blustery evening, you’ll be glad you did.

Soup Swap seems to have originated in Seattle—a city that knows from cold and rain—though its beginnings are murky. The official Soup Swap Day is January 23, but action seems to be heating up as fall turns to winter, according to the Soup Swap blog that tracks the event. Perhaps it’s time to plan a Soup Swap amongst your friends—though the blog does warn that things can get a little competitive amongst the participants.

As one blogger reports, “I loved that our group of swappers, most of whom didn’t know each other, were willing and eager to lovingly labor over a big batch of soup, freeze it, transport it to my apartment … and then participate in what essentially was a big soup group therapy session.”

Soup therapy? Sign me up!

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