Ordinary diners will one day be able to cast their votes as to whether the bagel place on the corner is worthy of receiving a coveted Michelin star, or perhaps two or three. The historically rigorous Michelin Guide issued a press release this week stating that it was “quickly phasing out” its anonymous inspector evaluations in favor of user-generated reviews by the year 2020 in order to be “à la mode.”

Diners wishing to submit a review must fill out and fax back the 15-page evaluation document, available for download here. They must also mail back a notarized sample review of the restaurant WD-50, written in French from the perspective of Joan of Arc. Former Michelin inspectors’ identities will be revealed on April 15 in a dramatic public stoning in Lyon, which will be filmed for an episode of No Reservations.

Image source: Flickr member Tracy Hunter under Creative Commons

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