The Padma Lakshmi profile in Vanity Fair has bloggers talking—about Lakshmi’s potty mouth. Grub Street gives a rundown of some salty quotes, including:

On life without her ex-husband, Salman Rushdie: ‘I’m really fucking sad.’

On her new cookbook: ‘Finishing the fucking book was like being in labor for two years!’

On hosting [a] dinner party: ‘I pulled this out of my ass.’

“The lady’s like a sailor!” Grub Street gasps. The Vanity Fair writer, Nancy Jo Sales, comments on this blue streak as well, marveling that Lakshmi is “an educated woman—with a B.A. in theater arts from Clark University, in Worcester, Massachusetts, 1992—who swears freely.”

Oh, please. As Mediabistro’s FishbowlLA asks, “What planet is Sales on—the nun planet?”

The Vanity Fair piece also brings up Lakshmi’s latest cookbook. Lakshmi can cook, according to Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio. “Chef means you’re the boss of a kitchen,” he says in the article. “She’s a cook, and an interesting one.” Thanks, Tom.

Meanwhile, on Reality TV Scoop, Lakshmi counters gossip that she didn’t develop her own recipes:

I wrote every single word and the text for every recipe. It was two years in the making and a labor of love for me. My fingerprints are on every aspect of the book, and it’s more of me than anything in my life.

Does anyone else get the feeling Ms. Lakshmi said “fucking” in there, perhaps several times, and weenie Reality TV Scoop left it out?

One last thing: The VF article refers to Lakshmi as “Padma” throughout, while Salman Rushdie is not Salman but “Rushdie.” What’s up with that?

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