So it’s your birthday, and you want to pig out. Where do you go? If you’re ipsedixit, you head to 85 Degrees Celsius teahouse, which is no less than a Taiwanese culinary crackhouse (and open till 1 a.m.).

Don’t look for traditional Taiwanese pub food—there are no oyster omelets, tsong-tzi, stinky tofu, or mi-feng. Instead, you get updated Taiwanese food for a younger clientele that favors JDM cell phones and the Mercedes G-class.

And what does this group eat? Brick toast sweet butter is like a cream puff without the puff: a thick slice of white bread coated with butter, sweet condensed milk, and coconut crème. Oh, and then more butter, and powdered sugar. Popped into the toaster oven, it comes out piping hot, way better than a doughnut but just as sinful.

Squid jerky is deep-fried squid, coated with a sweet sauce that might as well be opium—it’s that addictive.

To drink, there’s plum Coke: “Think Coke made with sweet and savory plum juice.” If you can.

85 Degrees Celsius [San Gabriel Valley]
425 W. Valley Boulevard Suite 101, San Gabriel

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