Park Slopers who order their scrambled eggs nice and soft are nearly always disappointed at the local breakfast spots, laments bigmackdaddy. But Seventh Avenue Donuts (unlike Dizzy’s, Second Street Café, Park Café, etc.) gets it. Its eggs are rich and buttery and cooked to order to optimum softness. Ask for a side of grits, which are deep in corn flavor.

Beyond breakfast, this 24/7 eatery turns out a tasty griddle-cooked burger and surprisingly great chicken soup, with firm chunks of meat in a mellow house-made broth (“not the watered down canned saline stuff you usually get,” bigmackdaddy notes). Prices are gentle, among the lowest in the Slope, reckons Woodside Al. Oh, and the doughnuts are decent, too.

Seventh Avenue Donuts [Park Slope]
324 Seventh Avenue (between Eighth and Ninth streets), Brooklyn

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