What Wine Goes With Douchiness?

This morning's business section of the New York Times had a cheery article about a new Web series called Pairings that matches up famous musicians with famous chefs to make a very special dinner.

The webisode of Pairings I watched features Chef John Besh, soft rocker Dave Matthews, and Director of Winemaking of Robert Mondavi Wines, Genevieve Janssens. If you are in a bad mood or hung over, do NOT watch this, as it may tip you over the edge. The premise is that these great artists are coming together to make a FABulous dinner together with wine, food, and music, because Mondavi and American Express want them to. Oh, sorry, I mean, because they're celebrating the creativity of life. It's not forced at all. Matthews: "Good food and good drink and good music tend to go together, almost wherever you are, it's almost a human quality to try and prepare your food and prepare your drink and prepare your music to go together. Almost.

The camera work is straight out of a Cialis commercial, and although they talk about New Orleans a lot, they're actually shooting the entire thing in Napa at the Mondavi Winery. If you make it to the end, the payoff is a touching scene where Matthews performs his special song (that's already been playing through the entire webisode) to a roomful of douchey, drunk, white couples looking very moved. Really looking forward to the other one, featuring John Legend and Tom Colicchio together for one "legendary" evening.

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