Spiced Mexican hot chocolate doesn’t come in little packets—it comes in disc-shaped blocks, partially cut into wedges—like miniature pizzas made entirely of chocolate, sugar, and spices. A couple of wedges whisked (or immersion-blended) into hot milk makes smooth, rich, spicy hot chocolate. “It’s good left over and cold too,” says chocolatetartguy.

Abuelita and Ibarra are the brands that show up most often on American grocery store shelves. Of the two, Ruth Lafler prefers Ibarra slightly, and finds it less sweet than Abuelita. jumpingmonk likes the smoky taste of Zingerman’s house brand Oaxacan chocolate—”they dry the chocolate over wood fire,” he says. kattyeyes found that La Soledad was her favorite during a visit to Oaxaca. “I brought plenty home,” she says.

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