You can’t get away from Thanksgiving in America this month—turkey and potatoes are everywhere. But still, it doesn’t look good when food magazines Saveur and Bon Appétit publish nearly identical covers for the month of November: same white plate, same sliced turkey, same cranberry sauce, same dressing. Saveur gets a few bonus points for including a bit of vegetable in the form of green beans, but otherwise it’s an awful case of wearing the same little black dress to the party. As Matt Armendariz, of the ultragorgeous blog Mattbites, points out in a post titled “Saveurpétit. Bon Asaveur.,” “Somewhere, in fancy offices from Los Angeles to New York, there are two art directors scratching their heads simultaneously. Hey, it happens. I get it. But wow. Just wow.”

Too bad there’s no system of preparty wardrobe checks for magazine covers.

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