Throw away that can of cheeseburger-flavored Pringles—not just on general principle, but because the company is issuing a recall of that flavor of chips, plus its taco-flavored chips. The Christian Science Monitor, which has published a complete list of recalled brands, writes:

“The chips contain hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP), a common ‘flavor-enhancer,’ made by Basic Food Flavors, Inc., that has been found to be contaminated with salmonella.”

The truly disturbing thing about this recall—OK, well, one of the two truly disturbing things about it, fine—is the spotlight it casts on the horrifying trend of making cheeseburger flavored… well, anything but cheeseburgers, really.

Beyond Pringles, there are cheeseburger flavored Combos, and Doritos has an “All Nighter Cheeseburger” flavored chip, since flavored potato chips unto themselves are not sufficiently evocative of junk food. And, at least locally in Minneapolis, bacon cheeseburger pizzas seem to be a thing. Not necessarily a good thing, but a thing nonetheless. Unlike cheeseburger flavored water, which appears to be a high-concept graphic design prank.

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