Remember that part in Field of Dreams where Kevin Costner is talking to a baseball ghost, and tells him that he’s not in heaven but in Iowa? Well, when I stepped out of the pouring Delta rain and into the Alluvian last week at the Southern Foodways Symposium, I knew how that baseball ghost felt. The hotel and spa were built four years ago in Greenwood, Mississippi, and no expense was spared. The rooms are magnificent, with wireless access, palatial marble bathrooms, and plush robes and bath towels. And the beds are loaded with overstuffed pillows, elegant down comforters, and the softest sheets I’ve ever slept on. The best part is that the hotel’s situated across the street from the Viking Cooking School, where classes are taught by some of the South’s best chefs. Class schedules can be found in each of the Alluvian’s 54 rooms.

The Alluvian Hotel
318 Howard Street, Greenwood, Mississippi

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