A story in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine called out the trend of upper middle class stay-at-home moms in Berkeley and Oakland raising chickens and growing gardens. Writer Peggy Orenstein dubs it “femivorism,” opining that growing crops and producing eggs relieves the “malaise … [of] middle-class housewives trapped in a life of schlepping and shopping.” Goin’ back to the land gives them a purpose and makes them feel less depressed about quitting their jobs and having no life outside of the kids.

These were jobs that were, of course, traditionally women’s work. And for some reason I feel an inward shudder at the idea of my sex turning back the clock. On the other hand, raising chickens is great, and the kids probably will appreciate growing up around nature. It’s gotta be better than taking your kid to a Mommy & Me Mani. Are there any other readers out here, though, that feel slightly queasy at the idea of femivorism?

Image source: Tom Sicurella, CHOW.com

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