Stone Korean Kitchen seems to have gotten over its early-days kinks and is now a reliable place for good Korean food, says liamettocs, who’s eaten there several times. Soondubu stew is wonderful, liamettocs says, with silken tofu and a generous amount of seafood (shrimp, clams, and squid). Bibimbap is excellent (the house specialty version is served in a hot stone bowl), and the Korean fried chicken wings with a tasty sauce get a thumbs-up.

david de berkeley, who tried Stone shortly after it opened late last fall, also liked the soondubu and noted that while portions are smaller than at your average East Bay Korean joint, Stone uses good-quality ingredients. He likes the kim bap, which are like sushi rolls with beef instead of fish. The kimchee is good, david says, but you only get three kinds of banchan (side dishes) with your meal. Endless refills, though.

Stone Korean Kitchen [Embarcadero]
Four Embarcadero Center, San Francisco

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Stone Korean Kitchen (Four Embarcadero Ctr, Street Level), SF – any reports?

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