Is it possible to find good marmalade in the United States? As far as orange marmalade is concerned, says Karl S, make sure your marmalade is made from sour (Seville) oranges, not regular sweet oranges: “a lot of American marmalade is of the sweet type, which is not the gold standard, as it were,” he says. Imports are often a better bet. plum likes Wilkinson’s Tiptree Tawny thick-cut marmalade, with its “dark, almost caramelised flavour and thick pieces of orange rind.” It can be found in some large supermarkets or British import stores, says plum. And along the lines of dark, caramelized marmalade, cheesemaestro recommends Busha Browne’s “Burned Orange Marmalade,” made in Jamaica. “Availability in the US is spotty, but Gourmet Library in N.J. has it now,” he says.

As for non-orange marmalades, Linda Whit thinks the tangerine marmalade from Aloha from Oregon is fantastic. cavandre likes Stonewall Kitchen Pink Grapefruit Marmalade, which isn’t as sweet as most others. And smtucker loves all the Trappist Monk marmalades, but especially the lemon. KristieB agrees: “I would love to find another jar of that lemon marmalade. It was fabulous! I also like Rose’s Key Lime marmalade on English muffins.”

Discuss: what’s the best brand of marmelade (orange or other)?

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