California’s Roshambo might be the only winery that has its own ringer tees and MySpace page. It’s definitely the only wine producer in the world that hosts an annual Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament, in which costumed contestants compete for a $2,500 prize (Roshambo is another name for this game).

Earlier this year, an Australian TV production company approached this unusual winemaking crew about doing a reality show—which presumably would’ve been the wino version of Ace of Cakes. Unfortunately, after just a few days of filming, the production company underwent some restructuring and fired the development team that was working on the show.

All that’s left of this potential series is an eight-minute teaser, which features the Roshambo staff showing off tattoos, driving around in the rock-and-roll tour bus they use as a mobile tasting room, and pointing out the “fuzzies” in the grain alcohol that they’ve distilled from their wine.

But how’s the quality of this hipster-friendly wine? Well, you can check out some tasting notes or sample it for yourself at Cornerstone Place in Sonoma, California.

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