The geography blog Floatingsheep has done a magnificent job of dramatically illustrating something that I learned first-hand while growing up in south-central Wisconsin–the Badger State is the epicenter of drinking in the country, if not this branch of the spiral galaxy known as the Milky Way.

Casual drinking, professional drinking, irresponsible drinking, jolly drinking, stopping by the gas station to buy some beers for later before going to the bar drinking–it’s all part of the state’s folkways. A Floatingsheep map depicts red dots featuring places where bars outnumber grocery stores and Wisconsin cleans up. (No disrespect is intended toward northern Illinois and northern Iowa, nor parts of Minnesota and the other plains states, since they do OK.) It’s gotta be some sort of perfect storm of Germanic heritage and six-month-long winters.

An Oshkosh resident chimes in on the comments section to add a bit of cultural clarity:

“It is someplace warm to go hang out and relax with your friends, neighbors, and coworkers and it has always been that way. I guess other places have coffee shops?”

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