Apple-cider doughnuts fried up fresh on the farm are a don’t-miss seasonal treat around the Northeast. But apple-cider doughnuts hawked at farmers’ markets around New York City are often a stale, sodden disappointment, vvv03 complains. “I see people walking around happily munching on them and I want to yell, you fools!”

Smart doughnut devotees look for stands run by the Orchards of Concklin. Even at markets in the city, this upstate farm comes through with fresh, addictively tasty cider doughnuts. “Trust me,” vvv03 promises, “they are the best.”

The Orchards of Concklin works farmers’ markets on Long Island through mid-November and in Manhattan and Westchester into mid-December. Check the farm’s website for the schedule.

The Orchards of Concklin [Rockland County]
2 S. Mountain Road, Pomona, NY

Board Link: Apple Cider Donuts at Rock Center Farmer’s Market

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