If you weren’t already aware of our burgeoning national jerky craze, the Minneapolis-based restaurant Hell’s Kitchen is ratcheting things up a notch by holding an event that it’s proclaiming the first annual Jerky Competition on April 5.

Via the press release: “Pros as well as amateurs can enter, with a Grand Prize of $300 cash plus a chance for national recognition. Any type of homemade jerky is welcome, from traditional beef strips to Northwoods venison as well as outlandish varieties such as chocolate-dipped or peanut butter laced.”

The Hell’s Kitchen contest comes on the heels of the El Dorado, Arkansas, Homemade Jerky Contest, and, of course, Wisconsin’s Great Northern Jerk-Off.

Details of the Hell’s Kitchen event are available online. Inspired to make your own? Here’s DIY jerky.

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