During a recent visit to my local Chinatown, I discovered a snack called egg puffs. A popular street food in Hong Kong, egg puffs are made by pouring batter into a contraption similar to a waffle iron. But instead of getting a dense breakfast food, you end up with a warm, fluffy crêpelike item that tastes like a lighter, airier version of Nilla Wafers. My intention was to have one, the basic “original” flavor, but by the end of the day I had eaten that, as well as the chocolate and peanut butter flavors too. Whenever I’m craving a snack now, I keep my eyes open for Asian dessert shops. The Chowhounds say that J&S Coffee & Tea House is one of the best places to get this “way yummy” treat. And saying it’s way yummy is right on the mark: A few egg puffs and a tapioca bubble drink are the perfect afternoon snack.

J&S Coffee & Tea House
3288 Pierce Street #C116, Richmond

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