Sabor de Minas is one of those place you’ll pass right by unless someone’s pointed it out to you. It’s small and nondescript, and located “on a relatively quiet end of the main drag in Milford,” says Nab, a big fan. There are no printed menus, but each day there are two dishes.

Nab loved the feijoada: “Slow-cooked, tender & savory beans amped up with rich pork fat from the pig-feet & bacon, accompanied by chourico and morcilla and hunks of soft shoulder. White rice, kale, farofa and a roasted chicken leg to boot, it was a fine rendition.” sekelmaan speaks up for the braised beef as well as the chicken with okra, and gini says the roasted chicken is some of the best she’s ever had. Not to mention a terrific bargain: “The entire pie plate of food is $8, with unlimited refills. Is anyone eating more than one pie’s worth? I’m impressed.”

Sabor de Minas Restaurant [MetroWest]
122 E. Main Street, Milford

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