One of the big differences between New York Chinese food and Los Angeles Chinese food is that Los Angeles has very little Fujianese food, and in New York’s Chinatown it’s ubiquitous. For various historical reasons, New York has been the primary port of entry for Fujianese immigration.

One of the very few bits of Fujianese cuisine in Los Angeles is the occasional presence of Fu Zhou fish balls, made from an outer layer of fish paste and an inner core of ground pork. Currently, says Chandavkl, the best place to get them is Fu Kang Deli, where $3.75 gets you a bowl of soup with these glorious balls. They’re much better than the frozen Fu Zhou fish balls found in some of the small San Gabriel Fu Zhou grocery stores, probably because at Fu Kang Deli they’re made by hand on the premises.

The sign outside still says Sweet Blanket, a holdover from a restaurant past. The new sign in the window says “Xi Xi Hand Made Fish Ball Soup.” The proprietors don’t really speak any English, but there are signs with pictures you can point to.

Fu Kang Deli [San Gabriel Valley]
305 W. Garvey Avenue, Monterey Park
No phone available

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