“60 grams of fat for breakfast!” proclaims CNN, touting the health benefits of Hardee’s new Country Breakfast Burrito.

Hardee’s marketing chief Brad Haley said that the big advantage of the Country Breakfast Burrito is that Americans who like eating enormous, farm-size breakfasts can now do so with the added boon of portability.

The Country Breakfast Burrito, which contains a half day’s worth of calories for most people, is actually a light-eating choice compared to some of the other menu options at the restaurant: the Monster Thickburger has 1,420 calories, and the crispy chicken salad 1,100. The Country Breakfast Burrito is a mere 920!

Best quote of the article:

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a Washington-based advocate for nutrition and health, has called the Hardee’s line of Thickburgers ‘food porn.’

Haley puts things in perspective, however. “When consumers go to other fast-food places they feel like they’ve got to buy two of their breakfast sandwiches or burritos to fill up. This is really designed to fill you up.”

Finally: After decades of light, sensible, insubstantial meals, a way for Americans to fill up!

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