Sometimes a food has to travel halfway around the world to find perfection. Witness the hot dog in Seoul, Korea. As Phil Lees at the blog Last Appetite shows, street vendors there have taken this quintessentially American treat to its next level, wrapping the dogs in bacon, mashed potatoes, seaweed, and other creative ingredients, then deep-frying them and serving them on a stick.

The peak of hot-dog-on-a-stick incarnations in Seoul, however, has to be the french fry–coated hot dog prominently displayed in Lees’ post. French fries. Coating a hot dog. Deep-fried. On a stick. It’s like a childhood dream crossed with unicorns and rainbows. Add condiments, and we may just have found junk-food perfection.

No doubt this’ll be showing up at next year’s Texas State Fair.

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