My wife and I are headed to the wine country this weekend, and not for work—just a no-kids getaway for the two of us. But we are going to stay at a wine country inn/spa/winery near Calistoga, and tour Stonestreet’s Alexander Mountain Estate on our way to a dinner at Cyrus, in Healdsburg.

And so, once again, I’m confronting the curious phenomenon of wine country travel. To wit: The place we’re staying, which looks nice enough, has a list of attractions that include hot tubs and views and walking trails. But one phrase in particular caught my eye: the option to “enjoy nearby vineyards.” What does it mean to enjoy a vineyard? On one level, I get it: Vineyards can be relatively pretty, and a person might like a walk in one. But forests and meadows are far prettier. As are seacoasts and rivers, at least in my mind. So then what? Enjoy the ambiance? Feel that special thing that all those wine people seem to feel out in those vineyards? I’m not sure, but perhaps I’ll find out.

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