Although it’s been holding down a spot on Hancock Street in Quincy since 2002, Alba Restaurant gets little buzz says CocoDan. Too bad, because it’s got good classic Italian-American food, great drinks, and an extensive wine list. “Downtown food without the downtown prices,” says CocoDan.

SeaSide Tomato had a great meal there recently: a fried calamari appetizer came garnished with jalapeños that gave it a “good spicy kick,” and a duck dish was done “perfectly medium-rare” and served with foie gras bread pudding. “!!!!!” says SeaSide Tomato, wordlessly. Prosciutto-wrapped cod was “perfectly executed,” with roasted potatoes that were “out of this world.”

SeaSide also kvelled over the wine list, which is vast and well thought out. The bartender also told her a lot of bottles are being sold at cost. CocoDan adds that the owner, Leo, doesn’t mind customers taking home the leftovers and is happy to help with selections.

Alba Restaurant [South Shore]
1486 Hancock Street, Quincy

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