The food court at the San Bruno Thai Temple (officially known as Wat Buddhapradeep) has grown quite a bit in recent years, and there are plenty of delectable new options, observe hounds who checked it out recently.

Stewed pork leg is delicious, especially with the hoof, as recommended by the cook, susancinsf discovered. Gelatin and fatty skin really puts it over the top. Stir-fried radish cake with bean sprouts, soy dipping sauce, and chile sauce is also good; it’s kind of bland without the sauce, but it grows on you.

Also new are steamed seafood in whole coconut shells, “boat noodle” soup served out of a real wooden boat, and curries: fish curry, pork and pig blood curry, and chicken and bamboo curry. The old standards of double-fried chicken (served with sticky rice and chile sauce), larb, green papaya salad pounded to order, and kanom krok (coconut pancakes) are great as always, says felice.

That kanom krok, a sort of sweet mini-taco, is made the proper way with two kinds of batter, notes Melanie Wong. And pork larb is transformed by slices of moist, perfectly cooked liver and “chitlins of the Lord.”

Wat Buddhapradeep [Peninsula]
310 Poplar Avenue, San Bruno

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