Deenso is in love with a mysterious Brazilian condiment. It’s made of finely chopped red and green bell peppers, onions, green olives, and tomatoes. Perhaps there’s a bit of garlic in there. It’s much more soupy than a Mexican salsa, and the liquid seems to be mostly white vinegar, with a little olive oil and perhaps the brine from the olives. It’s very salty, very vinegary, and fabulous on everything.

It’s called vinaigrette, says hungry_pangolin. Another word sometimes used for this delicious stuff is chimichurri, not to be confused with the Argentine version, which is green and has a more puréed texture, says pescatarian. You might also hear it called salsa campanha (country salsa), says almansa. Spoon it over farofa (a Brazilian dish of toasted manioc meal in butter), meats, or pretty much anything that would benefit from a salty, vinegary kick in the pants.

Board Link: Unknown Brazilian Condiment–help, please?

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