You know you missed him. Chef Mike, who held the Sunday pig roast at the now defunct Norman’s, is back, and he’s not alone. His Pigskin Sundays at Bin 8945 feature two 75-pound pigs and a caja china roaster.

For $45, you get a four-course meal with amuse, appetizer, and two courses of pig. There’s also a wine pairing for $25.

When hrhboo visited, the amuse was watermelon gazpacho with chive and cucumber, light and refreshing. The appetizer was a riff on a shrimp po’ boy: duck fat fries topped with sautéed shrimp and tangy rémoulade. The fries were the star, fabulously crisp and rich.

Puerco frito, fried bits of pork, was deliciously crispy and elevated by a touch of basil oil. It came with heirloom tomato, guacamole, and a crumble of hard-cooked egg.

The best course of that evening was roasted pork belly on potato purée with truffles and fig. Yes, says SauceSupreme, it’s just as good as it sounds. Meltingly tender pork is perfectly sauced and garnished with a chicharrón chip.

Not included, but a worthwhile addition that’s usually on the tasting menu, is the house special “corn dog,” which has even the staff buzzing. It’s a piece of pork belly wrapped in caul fat, crusted with panko, fried in duck fat, and presented on a stick. It’s paired with smoked beer, an interesting quaff that might remind some of liquid smoke.

For dessert, you get a choice of a sweet or cheeses. Both are excellent.

Bin 8945 [West Hollywood]
8945 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood

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