PorkButt read that any Camembert cheese could benefit from a few days outside of the refrigerator, to ripen and improve in flavor. But would this apply to mass-market Camembert sold at supermarkets? PorkButt decided to see.

“An unheated part of my house ranged from the high 40s to mid 50s so I left it out wrapped in a paper towel and checked it day to day,” says PorkButt. “After four days, the center had sagged a bit but the cheese still felt hard. I cut it open and while it didn’t develop any creamy ooziness, the interior was definitely softer. The rind was harder and had to be cut away. Taste wise, maybe there was some improvement but I think that had mostly to do with the texture and temperature,” says PorkButt. “My verdict is that mass-market Camembert is a dead product.”

But, if you can get “non-industrial” Camembert in your area, it may indeed benefit from a bit of affinage.

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