Many eateries throughout the United States offer their customers roughly 10 soft drink options. Coca-Cola’s new message to those restaurant owners: You are suckers. You are chumps. You are pwn3d by the unbridled majesty and power of the Bev-olution.

What is the Bev-olution? If you have to ask, you’re missing out on the paradigm shift in commercial beveraging that is on its way like a spring flood in the Alps.

The Bev-olution works like the self-serve fountains you find in convenience stores and fast-food joints, with controls for temperature and the ratio of fizzy water to flavor syrup. The innovation is the “mega-nozzle” that can shoot six noncarbonated liquids, ranging from products such as Nestea to syrups such as vanilla or cherry.

Bloomberg reports that the thing can spew up to 50 different beverages, but Wired—probably somewhat more handy with factorial math—puts the number of possible potables at just over 4,000.

Wired even provides three mixes from professional bartenders. Will the Bev-olution make McDonald’s the hip place to obtain the nonalcoholic cocktails of the 21st century? You be the judge:

Cherry Blossom Dream

Jim Hewes, Round Robin Bar, Washington, DC

1 part Minute Maid Lemonade

1 part Sprite

1 shot cherry syrup

1 creamer from the coffee service

Shake and serve with a couple of large-bore straws: ‘It’s an ice-cold frothy drink — great for summer.’

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