Xiao Long Bao Kitchen is the third and newest sibling of Shanghai Dumpling Shop and Shanghai Dumpling King, which also specialize in the meat-and-soup-filled dumplings. And how: Andrea Nyugen, author of Asian Dumplings, considers Shanghai Dumpling King chef Lu Kuang to be the local master of the XLB craft; she filmed a CHOW video to show how Kuang makes the dumplings.

wineguy7 loved the new Kitchen incarnation, saying an order of xiao long bao nets you eight “dumplings with extremely thin wrappers, small amount of a flavorful and porky soup and plenty of meat.” Zelmira seconds that emotion, especially when it comes to the delicious dumpling filling. There are also fresh and tasty vegetable dumplings, and good Shanghai-style stir-fried noodles.

K K has been underwhelmed by Shanghai Dumpling Shop, but ML8000 says that Shanghai Dumpling King has the edge anyway: The XLB there “were a little more delicate and the other menu items better prepared.”

Xiao Long Bao Kitchen [South San Francisco]
331 Grand Avenue, South San Francisco

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