Boston Market ads claim that eating the chain’s homey fast food will save you an hour a day—that is, if you’d normally spend an hour slaving over dinner and would rather be doing something else. Last year, BM ran a Homemade Movie Contest, asking devoted customers to make a movie about what they do with that extra hour each time they dine at Boston Market. Now, one might expect that the entries would include home videos depicting family outings to the batting range, beach, or minigolf course—but the winning videos were nothing of the sort.

The grand prize winner created a short film called Cop and Cup! that kinda looks like a certain Beastie Boys video from 1994. The third-place prize went to Keith Hopkin’s film, titled Chairboarding, which depicts a young man doing tricks in his office chair. Hopkin was awarded $755 worth of Boston Market gift cards, and he’s documented his spending on a blog, 100 Meals.

Of course, that’s a lot of chicken pot pies for one man, so he has shared his winnings with 50 friends. His guests include a 27-year-old named Peggy who writes a blog called Last Night’s Salad Party, a 67-year-old marketing exec named Larry who came up with the name for Zoloft, and a 21-year-old student named Teal, who makes a thoughtful comment over a plate of string beans and coleslaw: “I forgot that Boston Market is decent.”

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