Patisserie Chantilly is beloved, especially among some parts of the Japanese community here, for a particular kind of Japanese-French bakery perfection.

Their selection is small, but everything looks, and tastes, exceptional, says bulavinaka. They do each item with “honed precision and care that I just don’t see anywhere else,” says bulavinaka. “Each dessert seemed to have been created by a jeweler who is doubling as an artisan pastry chef. Each adornment on each dessert seems to have its place, with a sense of position and balance that is only achieved with careful thought and consideration.”

The specialty: cream puffs. You don’t get them out of a case. They’re made to order, which can take anywhere from a few minutes to 20 minutes. “Again—this is the exceptional focus that Chantilly puts on creating the best possible rendition of this dessert that they will allow their customers to experience,” explains bulavinaka.

Patisserie Chantilly [South Bay]
2383 Lomita Boulevard #104, Lomita

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