At Cafe Sim-Sim in Brooklyn, one smart order is the charcoal-grilled lulya kebab, an excellent thing to do with minced lamb, missmasala suggests. She’s also high on the dill-seasoned fries that come on the side at this Azeri-Russian spot, as well as the fresh hot bread, the Georgian-style bean stew lobio and, unexpectedly, the Caesar salad.

Westminstress recommends borscht (“amazing”), eggplant or lamb’s tongue salads, and kutabi, pan-fried crêpes filled with lamb or greens. She also digs great, greasy potatoes with chanterelles, which she describes as “diner potatoes on steroids,” and warns us away from desserts.

“Service was very friendly, vodka was cold, and the big birthday party with hired crooner that took up most of the room only added to the festive air,” missmasala sums up. “Totally worth a visit if you don’t feel like going all the way to Brighton Beach or Rego Parkistan.”

Cafe Sim-Sim [Kensington]
312 Ditmas Avenue (at E. Third Street), Brooklyn

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