As they wait for their new restaurant space to be ready, the folks at Yats New Orleans eatery are doing a pop-up restaurant at Annie’s Bistro, which they take over at lunchtime. The menu for Creole Soups and Such changes daily, but, according to the website, it features dishes like crab and corn bisque, rustic gumbo, shrimp étouffée, and catfish court-bouillon.

Melanie Wong found the oysters Rockefeller soup as indulgent as its name suggests, with chopped oysters, bacon, spinach, Herbsaint cream, a whisper of anise, and a sprinkling of white pepper. “So rich, creamy, and luxurious, this was almost too much of a good thing to finish in one sitting,” she says. The generous serving comes with a side of skillet-baked cornbread.

The space is lived-in and bohemian, with curtained booths, a wine bar, and small window tables. Melanie says she was greeted warmly, and when she said she’d been a Yats customer, she was welcomed like an old friend. “This was a terrific lunch, and I can’t wait to go back,” she says.

Creole Soups and Such [Pacific Heights]
2819 California Street, San Francisco

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